David Neff

David is an expert birder and bird parent with in-depth knowledge of birds. He has years of experience observing birds in their natural habitats, studying their diets, behavior, and more. (Learn more about David here...)
Can birds eat sunflower seeds

Can Birds Eat Sunflower Seeds? Risks and Benefits Explained!

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Can Birds Eat Wheat Berries? A Tasty Twist to Regular Seed Mix!

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State bird of Indiana - the Northern Cardinal

State Bird of Indiana – Nature’s Red Jewel in the Hoosier State!

Indiana is a state located in the heart of the Midwest. Lovingly called, “The Hoosier State,” Indiana is known for its beautiful natural landscapes and ...

State Bird of Illinois - The Northern Cardinal

State Bird of Illinois – A Melodious Tale of Calls and Songs!

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State Bird of Idaho - The Mountain Bluebird

State Bird of Idaho – A Blue-Winged Treasure of the Gem State!

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Can Birds Eat Hamster Food? Safe Feeding Practices Revealed!

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