Can Birds Eat This?

In this category, we explore safe choices, potential hazards, and practical tips for bird-friendly meals, covering everything from seeds and fruits to grains and insects.

can birds eat sesame seeds

Can Birds Eat Sesame Seeds? Uncovering the Myths and Facts!

Certain recipes aren’t complete without sesame seeds when you’re cooking, are they? That’s just what happened to me. Some of you might already know besides ...

can birds eat goji berries

Can Birds Eat Goji Berries? Exploring the Risks and Benefits!

Growing up, I remember seeing jars of red berries at the dry fruits market. Who knew those berries would be TikTok famous?  Their sweet and ...

can birds eat fennel seeds

Can Birds Eat Fennel Seeds? The Surprising Answer!

Whenever the winter air gets hard on us, I’ve reached out for the fennel tea in my pantry.  One sip instantly takes me back to ...

can birds eat eggplant

Can Birds Eat Eggplant? Do’s and Don’ts Explained!

The other day, I was devouring Baba Ganoush like always when it struck me: Can my bird eat eggplants? The short answer? Nope. But let ...

can birds eat beets

Can Birds Eat Beets? Uncovering the Health Benefits and Risks!

If you’re into gardening, you know how much birds thoroughly enjoy wreaking havoc when the world begins to thaw. It is the season when root ...

can birds eat sweet potatoes

Can Birds Eat Sweet Potatoes? Let’s Explore the Superfood!

Potatoes are common ingredients in the crisp fall morning specials as soon as autumn hits town. Savory or sweet, they’re perfect in whatever you add ...

can birds eat pistachios

Can Birds Eat Pistachios? Yay or Nay? Let’s Face It!

Who doesn’t love pistachios in ice cream and pestos? They go with anything and everything. The least unproblematic nut amidst nut allergies and loved by ...

what is salt toxicosis in birds

What Is Salt Toxicosis in Birds? The Culprit of Bird Diet!

To understand salt toxicity in birds, first, you should understand the inner workings of a bird’s diet. Birds are self-assertive omnivores. Considering this, it’s apparent ...

can birds eat ice cream

Can Birds Eat Ice Cream? Toxin or Treat – A Deeper Look!

Ice cream, you scream, we scream! Why wouldn’t it be the only probable quip that goes through my mind every time I hear someone mention ...